Rebecca D. Martin lives with her family in Central Virginia, where she consumes books and tea at an alarming rate, sometimes teaches teenagers American Literature, and weekly feeds bearded dragons at the local nature center. Her essays and poems are published in the venues listed below, as well as with (upcoming) Taproot magazine, Canary, and Calla Press. Her memoir, tentatively titled At Home with Books and full of books and houses, will be out with T.S. Poetry Press in Fall 2023. She is always at work on a Young Adult novel of Wales and wheelchairs, mothers and daughters, mysterious libraries and magical books, and - is there anything more important in the world? - friends. She can be found on Twitter as @rebawrit.


Child of the House, Calla Press in print 3.2023
At the Bakery, Isele Magazine 12.21.2022
Portrait of Anna Hyatt Huntington, The Curator Fall 2022
Earth Song Book Club Series, Tweetspeak August-September 2022
Key of David, The Rabbit Room 12.17.21; originally at Art House America 11.30.16
Teacher Stories: the Form for Me, Tweetspeak Poetry 6.17.21 
The Writer Makes Coffee, Brevity blog 1.25.21 
A Line of Words, Tweetspeak Poetry 12.16.20
Pandemic Journal, Tweetspeak Poetry 5.21.2020
Significant Lights, The Rabbit Room 1.2020
Prepare Yourself, The Curator 8.21.19; originally published in longer form in Relief, Spring 2016
Older, Coffee + Crumbs 3.20.17
Supplication, Proximity 2016
All That We Can't Leave Behind, Makes You Mom 3.11.16; The Curator Fall 2011
Safe as Houses, The Curator 2.4.15
Certain Tides, The Curator 8.11.14 and The Equals Record in print Fall 2013
Watching for Trains, The Curator 2.17.14
Chimneys Dark and Spirits BrightThe Curator Winter 2012
Shire ReckoningsThe Curator Fall 2012
Eternity in an AfternoonKinfolk Magazine Vol. IV Summer 2012
The Bearable Lightness of Letting GoThe Curator Summer 2012
Open Your Eyes Wide: The Generous Vision of Marilynne Robinson 
The Other Journal Spring 2012
Mountain Roads, Sing Me HomeThe Curator Summer 2011

Academic Work

Unrolling the Book Again: C.S. Lewis on the Successes and Shortcomings of Language (as Rebecca Ritter) The Lamppost of the Southern California C.S. Lewis Society: A Literary Review of Lewis Studies, Vol. 30, No. 3: Fall 2006

Fairy-Tale Protagonists in Other Worlds: The Under-Hero of George MacDonald's Fairy Land (as Rebecca Ritter) Through the Wardrobe: A Narnia Conference, University of California, Riverside (Presentation): 2006.

Master of Arts in English Language & Literature, University of Georgia (2003)

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Rebecca D. Martin
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